Bike Rules (Trike, Skate, Kiddie Car, etc.)

Bike Rule

Pennypack Park offers the safe bicyclist, endless opportunity for fun and excercise. Contained within the boundries of the park are more tha 9 miles of paved trail and many more miles of unpaved trails. Here is a list of Park regulations and suggestions that will make your ride in Pennypack Park safe and enjoyable.

  • All park trails are multi-use trails. You can expect to encounter hikers, equestrians, skaters, kids on Big-Wheels, joggers and even park maintenance vehicles during your ride.
  • Helmets are strongly recommended.
  • Park speed limit is 7 miles per hour.
  • Keep right except to pass.
  • When overtaking other park users, give an audible warning (a bell works well).
  • Stop when approaching an equestrian from the front. Allow the horse to pass, or wait for the equestrian's instructions to pass.

    For Mountain Bikers:

  • Stay on established trails, do not "bush-whack" or create new trails.
  • Do not skid around turns. Skidding damages trails.
  • Ride in single file.
  • Stay off wet trails.
  • Some trails are off limits to bikes. Obey the signs.
  • Unpaved trails were not designed for bicycles, you ride at your own risk.

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