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Pennypack Park is one of many parks throughout the City of Philadelphia under the management of the Department of Parks and Recreation. Established in 1905 by an ordinance to insure the protection of Penypack Creek and the preservation of the surrounding land. The combined parks total about 8900 acres and constitute one of the largest landscaped parks systems in the country. Pennypack, in the Far Northeast, covers approximately 1600 acres and is composed of woodlands, meadows and wetlands. Naturalists John James Audubon and Alexander Wilson spent many hours along the banks of the Pennypack Creek which runs through the park from Pine Road all the way to the Delaware River. The park provides playgrounds, hiking and bike trails as well as bridle paths for horse back riding. An adjunct to the Park is the Pennypack Environmental Center on Verree Road which is also under the management of the Fairmount Park Commission as is the Fox Chase Farm on Pine Road.

Many historic structures are still intact throughout Pennypack Park. In 1697, the Pennypack Bridge, one of the oldest stone bridges still in use in the United States, was built on King's Highway, now known as Frankford Avenue. The Pennypack Baptist Church, another of the Park's historic sites, was built in 1688. The Verree House on Verree Road was the site of a raid by British troops during the Revolutionary War. The trained eye can rediscover abandoned railroad grades, remnants of early mills, mill races and other reminders that generations of mankind have gathered in the "Green Heart" of Northeast Philadelphia.


Monthly Walks  Author Roland Williams leads history and nature oriented walks at different locations in the Park every 3rd Sunday, 1PM - 3PM, March thru November.  Download 2017 Walk Schedule.


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Happy Birthday to our bridge!

The Holmesburg Bridge spanning the Pennypack creek at US 13, Frankford Avenue, turned 300 years old in 1997. That makes it the oldest stone arch bridge still carrying traffic in the United States. It is almost certain that even George Washington crossed this bridge during the several trips he made in the area. A birthday party was held, Saturday, October 25, 1997.

Celebration Chairman, Harvey Cantor, provided this review of that days ceremonies and contributors.


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Trail Permits:  All mountain bike and equestrian trail users over the age of sixteen (16) are required to have a permit on the upper trails of Pennypack Park.  Permits are required when using: bicycles, horses, carriages, horse-drawn vehicles and other non-motorized, wheeled vehicles.  Annual permits ($20) are valid from April 1st through March 31st.  Trail users who do not possess a valid trail permit or to be found in noncompliance of the trail rules and regulations may be subject to a $25.00 fine.

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